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The joining of a hobby and a passion!

I have always enjoyed working with wood. It doesn't matter if I am building a shed, lawn chairs or folding tables. I first got interested in wood signs attending Boy Scout camp with my sons in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. Many signs around the camp were carved signs and I fell in love with the look.

So, one winter, when I had some down time, I decided I would learn how to make those signs I admired. I did my research, bought the tools, carved all the scrap wood in my shop and started making signs I was proud to claim as my own. During this process, I saw a lot of different styles of carved signs. Soon, I had made all the signs my family and friends wanted. But I still wanted to make more. I had so many ideas I wanted to see carved. That was when I decided to sell my signs.

Since starting my business, I have met many wonderful people and have gotten great feedback from my customers. My philosophy from the start has been to never send out a sign or product that I wasn't proud of and the customer wouldn't be proud to own. Coupled with a craftsmanship guarantee, I started my business and before I knew it, orders were coming in and signs were going out.  I hope you like my signs.


Thanks for looking.

Steve Schrecengost

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