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About Our Boards

What makes our boards the best?

We start with the best materials.  Cabinet grade plywood is used for the tops of all our boards. We also use 3/4" thick material for the tops.


From there, we build our frames from the same 3/4" material.  This makes our boards the flattest, most stable boards available with little or no bounce.

Four designs available!

We have four different designs to fulfill your needs.  All our boards are made using the same high quality materials and construction.  The only difference is in the look.  

Product Description

  • Regulation size 24" x 48"

  • 3/4" Cabinet Grade Plywood Tops

  • 1" x 3" frame

  • 8 Premium solid color bags

  • 3 coats of polyurethane finish for a durable playing surface

  • Pocket hole joinery for a strong bond and to hide all screws from view

  • Rope carrying handles

The Classic

Our classic boards are ready to play.  Great for the budget minded or anyone who wants to apply their own graphics. These boards are the same great quality as all our other boards.  Maple is used to make these great looking too.  These are the best boards money can buy.  Our design has very little flex or bounce, giving you ultimate control. 

The Weekender

Show your style and interests with the Weekender.  Matching team colors with a vibrant decal are a great way to set yourself apart.  Not a sports fan?  No problem.  We can bring your design idea to life.

The Pro - Full vinyl wrap

The Pro series allows you to put elaborate designs on your boards.  Printed on high quality vinyl.  There is almost no limit to the design possibilities.

The Elite - Direct print onto tops

The Elite series is our top of the line.  Graphics are printed directly onto the wood with UV ink.  Almost no design is too elaborate.  Direct printing provides the longest lasting, most fade resistant boards on the market.

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